Dear Colleagues,

The phrases "Health, Peace, and Safety" are as relevant today as they have ever been!

With optimism and hope for the future as an ally, this year we chose to meet in Kos. Kos is linked in mythology to the battle that broke out between the Gods of Olympus and the Giants and took place on this particular island. There the god Poseidon took with his trident a part of Cape Turtle and with it overwhelmed the giant Polybotis. Kos was associated with the labors of Hercules, who was found shipwrecked along with his companions on the northern beaches of Kos. The island of Kos, however, is historically inextricably linked with the birth of Hippocrates, who was a descendant of Asclepius. Hippocrates is the father of Medicine. Kos is rightly called the Island of Hippocrates since Hippocrates taught and directed the Medical School there, applying therapeutic methods innovative for his time, away from pagan beliefs and always in accordance with the instructions of mother nature. Characteristic is the phrase: "Νature is the doctor of diseases"

On this historic island we wish to hold our annual Panhellenic Conference, embracing all of you who have trusted us for so many years and who accompany us scientifically and collegially, even in these difficult times. After all, Kos has been inhabited since ancient times and has been influenced by many cultures over the centuries. These memories and this culture we wish to share with you along with the rich scientific program of the conference, which will be held with international scientific participation this year.

The 34th Panhellenic Conference of Perioperative Nursing G.O.R.N.A, will take place on September 21-24, 2023, at the Kipriotis International Convention Centre. During the 34th Panhellenic Congress of Perioperative Nursing G.O.R.N.A., we will have the honor and pleasure to host and hold the IFPN international meeting (International Federation of Perioperative Nurses), which is being held in our country for the second time, with participation from 15 countries.

The purpose of our conference is to provide you with the latest data regarding the broad spectrum of Perioperative Nursing through evidence-based knowledge.

After all, the current situation we are experiencing makes it imperative!

We would like the scientific program to include interesting special lectures, research papers, round tables, clinical tutorials and interactive sessions that will cover the wide range of needs that emerge in the context of the daily clinical practice of our profession, as Perioperative Nurses. Controversial but also topical issues in Perioperative Nursing are mainly patient’s safety, the quality provision of Perioperative care at all levels, the prevention of infections, as well as the promotion of the mental well-being of the entire Perioperative team as well as issues related to the aftermath of the COVID-19.

The challenges of our time are numerous, that is why we invite you to be active, making yourselves vigorous members of the scientific community of Perioperative Nursing, which is represented by the G.O.R.N.A not only nationally but internationally as well. Your contribution and participation through scientific papers on innovative topics related to your cognitive subject, certainly have something to offer to all of us. The success of our Conference, however, is completed and strengthened only with your active presence.

We look forward to seeing you at another successful and engaging scientific convention that has established itself not only in our own minds, but also in the wider field of health services. Hippocrates' maxim, referring to his students, is more

Congress President                                      Scientific Committee President                               Organising Committee President                             

            Koutelekos Ioannis.                                          Konstantinos Karakostas                                                Dimitris Poulis                                                         



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Important Dates

Congress Dates: 21-24 September 2023

Early Registration Deadline: 31 July 2023

Abstracts Submission Deadline: 31 July 2023


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